How to pay a bill from Dr. Todd Finnerty

  • Payment is due prior to or at the time of service at the prices noted below unless otherwise arranged in advance.
  • Dr. Finnerty is always happy to accept cash or checks.
  • Dr. Finnerty accepts credit cards and you can process them with the checkout buttons below (he can also run credit cards in his office for in person visits).
  • Dr. Finnerty also accepts payment via Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle
  • Dr. Finnerty will consider payment via a cryptocurrency on a case by case basis.
  • Dr. Finnerty offers predictable case rates for evaluations and file reviews based on an estimate of the typical amount of time it will take him. Case rates for medical records reviews are a flat fee that includes time spent reviewing records and writing a report. When applicable it includes time spent on testing and performing the examination. However, case rates DO NOT include any time related to testifying in court/depositions or traveling to testify. This is billed separately at Dr. Finnerty's hourly rate if needed.
  • Please do not send any payments unless Dr. Finnerty has accepted your case.

First-Come First-Served Nexus Letters based on payment date

Nexus letters based on records reviews are completed by Dr. Finnerty on a first-come-first-served basis (with occasional exceptions if someone has an imminent deadline). Dr. Finnerty works down the list of reviews to be completed in the order in which payment was received. Regardless of when someone first contacts Dr. Finnerty or sends him their records, the order in which they appear on the list is determined by the date and time they made the payment.

Notices/ Policies/ Informed Consent/ Privacy Practices

None of the case rate fees include any time spent or cost spent on travel to testify at a trial, court hearing or deposition (regardless of whether Dr. Finnerty actually testifies). Dr. Finnerty charges his hourly rate for any time he spends traveling to testify, waiting to potentially testify and testifying. Any significant travel costs that are required such as airfare and hotels must also be paid by you. This is typically not an issue in disability cases as Dr. Finnerty is rarely asked to testify in disability cases (and has never been asked to testify in a Veteran's disability case for example).

Dr. Finnerty can provide you with a receipt but does not bill insurance companies for you. Dr. Finnerty is not currently offering any treatment services, though if he did you may be able to submit a receipt from Dr. Finnerty for reimbursement from your insurance company if you have out of network benefits (this likely will not work for exams, nexus letters/records reviews related to disability claims or IQ testing as insurance typically doesn't cover these services ). For most forensic/ disability-related evaluations your insurance is not likely to reimburse you as it is unlikely to cover forensic evaluations as medically necessary. Your insurance is also not likely to cover educational evaluations such as IQ testing for giftedness. Dr. Finnerty is not a member of insurance panels and he has opted out of Medicare. He is not a provider for Medicare, Medicaid or insurance networks.

VA nexus letters/ file reviews
Dr. Finnerty prefers to have all records that you can send to him. The more records that you can give to Dr. Finnerty the better his opinion may be. Having as many of your records as possible may also influence whether Dr. Finnerty's opinions are accepted by the VA. There is no guarantee that the Department of Veterans Affairs will rely upon or accept Dr. Finnerty's opinion for your disability claim. Dr. Finnerty does not charge Veterans based on the outcome of their case and the fee for a records review is required in advance regardless of the eventual outcome of a case. The results of the medical records review may or may not be helpful to you personally; Dr. Finnerty will offer an independent opinion related to your disability claim. The records review is not for treatment purposes and you will not become Dr. Finnerty's patient. Dr. Finnerty may begin reviewing your records and determine that he cannot support the opinion you may be looking for. If he realizes this, he will stop reviewing your records in order to minimize any fees that may be due. The fees for a records review and report are publicly available listed on Dr. Finnerty's website; Dr. Finnerty may change this fee at any time. Dr. Finnerty will maintain the confidentiality of the information you share. Dr. Finnerty will not share this information with anyone else without your permission unless doing so is required based on verifying a purchase you made for a nexus letter or otherwise by law. You agree that you will not institute any credit card chargebacks if you've received a report from Dr. Finnerty and that if you do Dr. Finnerty can provide your information to the credit card processor to establish that you received the services that you paid for. For exams Dr. Finnerty will also give you a specific notice based on the type of examination you're receiving.

Good Faith Estimate/ No surprise billing
Dr. Finnerty's National Provider ID (NPI) is 1427266741 and his Ohio psychologist license # is 5979. Most of Dr. Finnerty's services are forensic services and not treatment services, therefore you will not become Dr. Finnerty's patient in those instances and health care insurance will typically not cover the services. Regardless, Dr. Finnerty does not engage in surprise billing- the fees are publicly available here on this website. In addition, Dr. Finnerty's fees are due in advance of any service and no additional fee will be due after those paid-for services are rendered.The only potential exception is if you later chose to have Dr. Finnerty act as an expert witness in a deposition or court hearing (he charges his hourly rate for this and this service is not included in his examination fees). There will be no surprise billing from Dr. Finnerty as Dr. Finnerty does not provide the service until the services are paid for in full in advance (unless otherwise arranged for in writing).

Dr. Finnerty may occasionally email you updates about your case (keep an eye on your spam folder). When appropriate he will use email encryption. Dr. Finnerty may also occasionally email general newsletter updates about his practice as well as news and his thoughts related to VA disability claims.

Explanation of fees

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance or you had a prior agreement with Dr. Finnerty for a different price, the following fees are currently effective.

Fees on Veterans' disability claims:
  • Records Review Based Nexus letter for a secondary condition: $600
Dr. Finnerty will review your records and cite relevant scientific research (but not perform an exam) and write nexus letters for secondary conditions for $600 total (for example: sleep apnea or other conditions secondary to PTSD; depression or anxiety due to tinnitus or chronic pain). Dr. Finnerty chargers per letter not per condition. You can learn more about nexus letters from Dr. Finnerty at
  • Records Review Based Nexus letter for a primary psychological condition: $900 with a $300 nonrefundable fee (if Dr. Finnerty has done work on the case- due to the time involved)
This is for connecting psychological conditions that originated during the military or because of some trauma or stressor from the military. Dr. Finnerty will review your records and cite relevant scientific research (but not perform an exam). If Dr. Finnerty is not able to write a nexus letter based on a records review alone you may be able to upgrade to a DBQ exam by paying the difference in price with the exam or receive a refund of the fee minus a $300 non-refundable records review fee to account for the time Dr. Finnerty spent on your case.

  • DBQ form (in person or telehealth exam for a mental health or PTSD DBQ): $1,500
Dr. Finnerty will examine you via telehealth or in-person for approximately 45 minutes to 90 minutes and complete the most current DBQ form from the VA's website. The $1,500 fee includes a records review along with the exam. Advisory: The VA's form has limited space for a historical narrative. Dr. Finnerty will complete this form and may include a cover letter with some additional explanation, however he will not provide a longer psychological evaluation report for this fee or extensive psychological testing. This fee includes a nexus opinion (nexus letter statement) when applicable and completing the DBQ form checkboxes with information that the VA uses for rating purposes.

  • ADD ON Sleep Apnea DBQ: an additional $160
Dr. Finnerty writes nexus letters for sleep apnea secondary to psychological conditions like PTSD; this service costs $600. A sleep apnea DBQ is not necessary for this and C&P examiners will complete the sleep apnea DBQ at no charge to you, but sometimes Veterans want Dr. Finnerty to also complete the sleep apnea DBQ. Due to the additional time involved, as well as the fact that the VA's forms for private doctors have to be completed then printed out and hand-signed then scanned back in to make a digital copy, Dr. Finnerty now charges his brief form completion fee for this service if you want a sleep apnea DBQ in addition to your nexus letter. So therefore you'd pay the $600 fee then also pay the $160 fee in addition if you wanted the DBQ (again, the DBQ is not necessary for the nexus letter and there should be no expectation that the VA would not also order a C&P examination to have their examiner also complete a DBQ).

  • Additional Nexus Letters/ conditions: $300
Has Dr. Finnerty already completed a nexus letter for you and now you need another one for a different condition? Typically, Dr. Finnerty can do this for a reduced fee of $300 since he is already familiar with your case. This will be done via records review (not an examination). However, in order to get this discounted repeat customer rate you must remind Dr. Finnerty and ask for it (especially since Dr. Finnerty is now using an assistant).

Other fees:
  • Brief form completion: $160
In instances where Dr. Finnerty is able to complete a brief form in much less than one hour this fee will be charged. For example, if Dr. Finnerty had already evaluated you and you subsequently want an additional brief form completed such as an FMLA form.
  • Hourly Rate (and no show fee): $300
This is Dr. Finnerty's hourly rate. This is also his fee in the event of a no show to your appointment or a same day cancellation (though he waives the fee for good reasons or for the first miss on a Veteran's disability case). Dr. Finnerty is able to charge by the hour if desired with a detailed breakdown of the time he spent on each activity. It is possible that this may cost more than the case rate in some instances. Dr. Finnerty also charges this rate for one psychotherapy hour, which is a 45 minute session spent with you and 15 minutes not spent with you that Dr. Finnerty will spend on administrative tasks such as documentation.
  • IQ testing fee: $600
This fee is for the performance of an IQ test only (with no accompanying interview/ diagnostic assessment or other testing).
  • Psychological evaluation with minimal testing: $1,500
An evaluation with an interview and testing taking approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours as well as additional records review time and report writing time.
  • Independent Medical Examination/ Psychological Evaluation with extensive testing: $2,995
This evaluation may take approximately 4 to 6 hours of interviewing and testing time as well as additional time spent on a records review and writing the report. This does not include any time spent testifying which would be charged separately at Dr. Finnerty's hourly rate.

Checkout/ Payment Buttons for credit cards, etc.

  • You can make a payment with a credit card or other options using the buy now or pay now buttons below
  • If you use a credit card or PayPal account with someone else's name please send Dr. Finnerty an email to be sure he applies it to you.

Older Payment Buttons to use a credit card (and other options like installment plans)

Some people have been having trouble with the checkout buttons below from Square- another option is to try this newer payment link from Square. Simply select the correct fee with your choice of the payment buttons below:

To make a $600 credit card payment you can use the "Pay Now" checkout button below:
Pay $600 by credit card:

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Pay $760 (ex: for a $600 records review plus $160 sleep apnea DBQ):

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Alternative $600 button

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Alternative payment options

Venmo:@ToddFinnertyLLC (or as a back up @Todd-Finnerty-1)
Cash app: $ToddFinnerty (Cash App Pay is also available in the checkout below)
Zelle: Cell phone number (330)495-8809.
Wise: @toddf188
PayPal: [email protected] or this PayPal checkout link

Other: Are there other types of payment processing you'd like to use? Feel free to ask Dr. Finnerty as he's always interested in learning about other options.
Some people were having trouble with the checkout buttons from Square: You can click Here for a newer updated payment Checkout Link from Square for you to try
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