Get a Nexus Letter from a psychologist

Some reasons you might want a nexus letter/ independent opinion from a psychologist:
  • establishing a direct service connection for mental health concerns (ex: PTSD, depression, anxiety) or a TBI
  • establishing a service connection for other problems related to your mental health concerns (ex: sleep apnea due to PTSD)
  • establishing service connection for mental health concerns secondary to an already service connected problem (ex: depression due to a service connected tinnitus)
  • a potential increase/ unemployability
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Psychologist Nexus Letters and/or Independent Medical Opinions for Veterans

Dr. Todd Finnerty is a psychologist and he provides file reviews for Veterans on their VA disability claims. He is also able to perform examinations (including completing a DBQ). This website is maintained by Dr. Finnerty.
I am a licensed psychologist based in Columbus, Ohio. I perform independent examinations and records reviews for independent medical opinions on Veterans'disability cases. I offer:
  • Predictable flat rate pricing
  • Detailed reports that address all the evidence
  • The benefit of my experience (I have performed many file reviews on disability cases as well as compensation and pension examinations).

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