Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Independent Psychologist in Columbus, Ohio
Disability Claim Expert Consultant

Offering both forensic and treatment services
Offering both in-person and telehealth examinations
Licensed as a psychologist since 2003

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Columbus, Ohio psychologist Dr. Todd Finnerty

Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.'s office is on the second floor of the building; there is an elevator. The building is on the northeast corner of High St./RT 23 and E. Campus View Blvd.; it is just north of 270 on the north side of Columbus.

If you have questions, to confirm an appointment, to leave a voicemail message or to schedule an appointment Dr. Finnerty prefers that you contact him personally via email or on his cell phone: (330)495-8809
Alternative e-mail in case the one above doesn't work (it has had problems lately):

Dr. Finnerty's office address:
100 E. Campus View Boulevard
Suite #250
Columbus, Ohio 43235
(available by appointment only)
Be sure to include the Suite # if you are mailing something.

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Will you be traveling from out of town? Many people travel from out of town for an examination with Dr. Finnerty. Dr. Finnerty's office is easily accessible not far from the intersection of I-71 and 270 on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. The office is a 15 to 20 minute drive from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. There are 13 different hotels in the immediate vicinity of Dr. Finnerty's office alone in the Crosswoods area of Columbus, Ohio. Some of these hotels have free airport shuttles. Taxis, rental cars, Uber and Lyft are all also available. Dr. Finnerty may be able to offer other appointment times than the ones in his online scheduler in order to accommodate your needs around your travel schedule.

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Both in-person visits and telehealth are available

Dr. Finnerty is currently available to schedule in-person examinations. Dr. Finnerty's office is regularly cleaned and sanitized. Telehealth examinations are also available via Zoom.

Online psychological testing evaluations are available

Do you need psychological testing such as an MMPI-2, MMPI-2-RF or MMPI-3 or other psychological assessments? Dr. Finnerty can provide many psychological tests both in-person and online. Contact Dr. Finnerty for more details.

Which states can Dr. Finnerty provide telehealth visits to?

Dr. Finnerty offers a telehealth option. He is able to examine anyone via telehealth who is physically located somewhere in Ohio where Dr. Finnerty is licensed as a psychologist (#5979). Dr. Finnerty also is a registered telehealth provider in Florida and can provide psychological services to individuals in Florida via telehealth. Dr. Finnerty's Florida telehealth provider registration number is #752. Learn more here:

Some states other than Ohio will allow Dr. Finnerty to examine you as Dr. Finnerty can receive temporary permission to practice there; contact Dr. Finnerty for more details to see if he can examine you via telehealth if you are in a state other than Ohio or Florida. Dr. Finnerty has already received temporary permission to practice in some states other than Ohio and Florida and may be able to schedule you promptly as no additional paperwork may be necessary. Some states have also made it easier for Dr. Finnerty to see you during public emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact has passed both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House. Dr. Finnerty expects that it will be even easier for him to soon provide telehealth examinations to individuals in a growing list of additional states due to PSYPACT. You can learn which additional states this relates to here:

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Independent disability/ impairment related examinations

Dr. Finnerty has a specialty in providing independent disability examinations and medical records reviews. His services are available to anyone. Please feel free to reach out to him to discuss your needs.
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Learn more on YouTube or Facebook:

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Need a Nexus Letter or DBQ for a VA disability claim?

Check out Dr. Finnerty's blog at
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (Veterans can press 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line)