Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Independent Psychologist in Columbus, Ohio
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Therapist
Disability Claim Expert

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Contacting Dr. Todd Finnerty

If you have questions, to confirm an appointment, to leave a voicemail message or to schedule an appointment Dr. Finnerty prefers that you contact him personally via email or on his cell phone: (330)495-8809

100 E. Campus View Boulevard
Suite #250
Columbus, Ohio 43235
(available by appointment only)

Dr. Finnerty's office is within the Regus/HQ suite 250 on the second floor of the building (you can reach the receptionist there by calling (614)438-2684 but Dr. Finnerty prefers that you call him directly on his cell). There is an elevator. The building is on the northeast corner of High St./RT 23 and E. Campus View Blvd.

Send & Receive Files & E-mail Securely

Dr. Finnerty can exchange encrypted emails (including attachments) and also exchange medical records with you in a secure fashion without having to send them through the mail or via fax. He can also meet with people through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Learn more here.

Dr. Finnerty no longer uses a fax number.

Does Dr. Finnerty bill insurance companies?

Not currently but this may soon change. Dr. Finnerty is not a member of most insurance panels and counseling services must be paid for at the hourly rate in advance. However, Dr. Finnerty may resume billing Medicare in the near future and may explore opportunities to join a select number of insurance panels. Meanwhile, Dr. Finnerty can provide you with receipts in order to pursue reimbursement for any out-of-network benefits that your insurance plan may have.

Also, some of Dr. Finnerty's services are evaluations that health insurance typically doesn't cover. For example, health insurance typically doesn't cover one-time examinations for forensic/legal reasons or educational purposes (ex: IQ testing).

Are discounts available? Yes, there is a monthly payment plan

Dr. Finnerty does not offer income-based sliding scale fees or similar discounts. However, pre-payment discounts are currently available for people willing to pay for a full month of services at a time (rather than week-to-week). The fee is competitive and covers up to 4 to 5 psychotherapy sessions during the month. Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length. The fee also includes any needed secure messaging with Dr. Finnerty in between sessions- Dr. Finnerty typically responds to messages within 24 hours on weekdays.

Psychotherapy services with Dr. Finnerty typically last at least 6 to 12 sessions weekly or every other week. Over time the visits tend to be spaced further apart and are geared towards preventing your problems from returning. A lower monthly fee may be available for individuals needing fewer sessions per month.

To see the current monthly subscription fee amount visit this page.

Will Dr. Finnerty complete disability paperwork for his patients?

Maybe. Dr. Finnerty will discuss with you whether FMLA leave, asking for workplace accommodations and/or using your short-term disability insurance or applying for disability is right for you. If it is clinically indicated then yes, Dr. Finnerty may complete the necessary paperwork. However, completing paperwork is unlikely to happen after only one treatment visit (though a forensic examination for this purpose could be scheduled). There may be an additional cost for completing paperwork depending on the amount of time the paperwork takes.

Please keep in mind that people who do NOT leave work or leave work for only a short period of time tend to have better long-term outcomes. If you are out of work currently, the faster you can get back to work the better if a return to work is your goal.

Scheduling an Appointment

Dr. Finnerty is currently accepting new patients. Prospective patients can call Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone at (330)495-8809.

Dr. Finnerty offers online scheduling in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. However, please call Dr. Finnerty directly on his cell phone (330)495-8809 before scheduling your first appointment (call first unless you have an existing relationship with Dr. Finnerty). Using the online appointment scheduler is optional. You can also call Dr. Finnerty on his cell phone to schedule (330)495-8809. Additional appointment times are available which are not currently on the scheduler.

When you go in to the online scheduler be sure to click the service at the top first (ex: an IME) and then it will load in the available dates and times in the calendar below. You can then click on a bold date to see the times available at the right. Thank you!

Schedule an appointment now

Attend an Appointment via Telehealth Videoconferencing

Is Dr. Finnerty providing online counseling? Yes. Dr. Finnerty can now provide telehealth / telepsychology services including online evaluations and psychotherapy. Dr. Finnerty has the ability to host secure online video conferencing for evaluations, consultation and online counseling/ psychotherapy. Dr. Finnerty is only able to speak with individuals who are physically located somewhere in Ohio where Dr. Finnerty is licensed as a psychologist. Please contact Dr. Finnerty before making your first appointment.

If you have a virtual appointment with Dr. Finnerty you can enter the online waiting room here:

Dr. Finnerty uses evidence-based, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy approaches.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (Veterans can press 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line)