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Dr. Finnerty helps connect professionals and organizations

Dr. Finnerty is happy to help connect psychologists and physicians with organizations who need them to consult on records reviews or examinations. He does this through the community of professionals he's organized at It is free.

In addition, Dr. Finnerty publishes an annual directory of referral sources for medical records file review and independent medical examination work.

Contacting Dr. Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

For directions to the office you can call the Office suite #250 receptionist: (614)438-2684
If you have any other questions, to confirm an appointment, to leave a voicemail message or to schedule an appointment Dr. Finnerty prefers that you contact him personally via email or on his cell phone: (330)495-8809
Dr. Finnerty's toll free, secure fax number: (855)647-9617

100 E. Campus View Boulevard
Suite #250
Columbus, Ohio 43235
(available by appointment only)

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Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Finnerty offers fast and easy online scheduling. Please call Dr. Finnerty before scheduling an appointment (330)495-8809 unless you have an existing relationship with Dr. Finnerty. You can see available appointment times and schedule an appointment online by clicking the button below. You can also get email and text reminders of your appointment. However, using the online appointment scheduler is optional. You can also call Dr. Finnerty on his cell phone to schedule an appointment at (330)495-8809. In addition, there are likely to be other appointment times available which are not shown on the online scheduler by personally calling Dr. Finnerty.
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  • In 2012 Dr. Finnerty was named "Disability Review Physician of the Year" by the National Association of Disability Examiners, Great Lakes Region.
  • In 2010 Dr. Finnerty was named the Ohio Association of Disability Examiners' "Consultant of the Year"

Dr. Todd Finnerty's current services include:

Dr. Finnerty is not accepting new patients for ongoing psychotherapy/treatment. Dr. Finnerty does have availability for examinations and medical records reviews related to disabuility/impairment.

  • Medical records reviews related to short-term and long-term disability insurance and related issues
  • Independent Medical Opinions/ Nexus Letters for Veterans' VA disability claims
  • Psychological evaluations related to disability insurance claims, workers compensation and functional impairment
Please read the FAQ page for important information about available services and answers to questions you may have.

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